Thursday, 19 November 2009

Gathering Evidence

How best to record a walk? Sometimes photographs fall short, and need text. Collecting 'evidence' enhances the depth of recording the walk and the experience. Sound can too. So far, I've drawn the line at moving images. That will happen in 2010.

In October I was lucky enough to walk in the Wadi Rum. Fans of David Lean's film Lawrence of Arabia will instantly recognise the landscape.

At one point in Lean's film, the American journalist turns to Lawrence and asks: Why do you love the desert so much Lawrence? And Lawrence, played by Peter O'Toole, replies: Because it's clean. Alas, no longer. The advent of the plastic water bottle has seen to that. Tourism is a strange thing, as it often destroys its very raison d'etre.

It's still hot in October, and searching out the shadow of the mountains is a way of escaping the 40 degree heat.

Cool early morning; gentle light without the high contrast of overgead sun. This image was taken on a shaky Holga, a plastic toy camera that takes 120 format film.

Nothing much stirs in the day, save for the occasional Bedu with their livestock and of course, mad dogs and Englishmen.
At night, the evidence points to frantic activity amongst the sand and rocks.

Back in the studio there is time to photograph some of the 'evidence'. I'm still waiting to identify the seeds shown here.

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