Saturday, 11 December 2010

Dear Bill,

The tin on the right of the photo belonged to my Mother. She wasn't an ardent Royalist; she used it to keep her buttons in, and it was part of her sowing box. I once mentioned this to a well known (female) garden presenter, and also said I thought it might make an interesting mini photo project; photographing the boxes and tins that women kept their buttons in. I was told, with an absolutely straight face, that it was a sexist idea, and that I should include men in the project. Actually, including men would be a good idea, but without them? Sexist? I took a deep breath at the time.
Anyway, it's a red herring. The reason for the photo above is that I saw an identical tin , for sale, in a cafe in Covent Garden, while I was waiting to go and photograph an actor there, so I bought it (it's on the left in the picture). I wonder if there are loads of them around? They'd make a nice collection; so, if you're sitting on one (figuratively speaking) and would like to sell it, please contact me.

This winter will doubtless have supplied enough images for Christmas cards for many years to come. What effect will the recent weather have on the sale of such cards? Everyone with a digital camera can now take a half decent photograph, so making your own has never been easier. Plus, I've received some e cards this year, a trend I'd love to see die, but I wouldn't bet on it. Definitely not the time to go into the Christmas Card business. Talking of Christmas Cards, have they been banned where you are yet? Or, at least been forced to be called something else, like a Seasons Greeting Card? Sad, innit?

Lastly, I can't remember if you were swishing about on the slopes of Verbier in the early 1980s? I'd love to hear from anyone who was, so I could have my memory massaged, or even re booted. I can remember the Farm club, and the Milk Bar, but precious little else, so please contact me if you can help.

Not yet received an e card for the season we're in? Feel free to treat the one above, as being specifically sent to you. No really, the pleasure's all mine.

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  1. I've got one Chop but not exactly the same. Phil the Greek also appears in mine. I'll bring it next time I see you x