Monday, 2 February 2009


A random selection of cycling photos....
Top of the pile is Sir Rocco Forte (photographed for How to Spend it Magazine) who is well into his 60s but still getting up at 6.30 to either cycle or swim as part of his triathlon training.
Why don't Berliners wear cycle helmets? Because they have cycle lanes, so don't come into contact with drivers, some of whom are lethal. I've resisted putting a picture of one of London's bendy busses here. Enough said really.
Chilly cycling conditions for a change in early February, here in London.
And if you worry about your bike getting nicked, take a leaf out of the Policeman's notebook, and hand cuff your cycle to something sturdy (not a policeman).
Cycle lanes, English style, have to be shared with buses, taxis, and now motorcyclists too. Rather cramped these days.
Instead, why not go to work on a moose?

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