Thursday, 26 February 2009

A Gulf State

A recent visit to catch up with old friends living in the Middle East (as opposed to the Near East). Like many Europeans, I have a somewhat romantic view of the desert, no doubt reinforced by frequent viewings of a certain David Lean classic. Peter O'Toole was even staring on one of the in flight movies, except this one was the tragic Venus with the brilliant Leslie Phillips. How friendly the BA staff are these days, and how awful the temple to consumerism is that calls itself terminal 5. I only wish it was terminal.
Consumerism didn't end with Heathrow, and it was sad to see some of the rubbish strewn around the desert. How ironic that most of it was of American origin.
I'm forever grateful to my hosts for an amazing experience though, so thank you to the 'Mac' family.
(And no, I didn't photograph a camel; and the row of stones make a line in the sand.)

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