Friday, 29 May 2009

The Suffolk County Show.

Lots of terrific flower shows get going around the country at his time of year. This is the flower show at the Suffolk County Show which finished today. There's tons of enthusiasm joy and effort on display. Even Jeff Koons gets a look in. No? One could be forgiven....

This "Capture The Moment" is a classic, with vintage cameras making up part of the display. It got first prize for Sheila Gales.

Sarah Swallow's effort is fab. The judges comments for this display read:
"Great fun with well presented plant material. The Aspidestra leaves at the top are a little heavy and dominant."

Diane Healey was awarded a Very Highly Commended for this effort. The judge commented:
"This well presented exhibit tells the story of a stag party. A larger base placement and incorporation of the beer mats would integrate the whole design."

And Linda Clayton's display drew these comments from the judge:
"A most interesting and original approach. Some of the plant material  had wilted at the time of judging." 

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