Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Gardens Illustrated Magazine.

Readers may have got a shock with the June issue of the magazine with a profile of a photographer on the Who's Who page rather than the usual gardener or botanist. The magazine has published my portraits on the Who's Who page since its first issue.
Taking a self portrait isn't as easy as one might think. First, it has to be a good photograph, because as a pro you're meant to take good photographs. Second, focusing is a nightmare, and I have assistant Megan Taylor to thank for helping get that bit right. But third, if a portrait is a record of a moment when two people interact (or not) then what do you do when faced with yourself? Say: "Watch the birdie"?
Anyway, my profound thanks to Juliet Roberts and Jodie Jones, and also to Anna Pavord for her testimonial.

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  1. Excellent! I am such a great fan of your work - and anything to draw more people to your incredible photographs is a very good thing!