Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Jardin Jardins

Champagne house Laurent Perrier sent me to photograph Jinny Blom's sculpture which was exhibited at the French Garden Show Jardins Jardins. Inspired by seeds (no doubt hugely influenced by my seed photography) these large pods dominated the location in the Tuileries Garden in central Paris. The work was in great company too, as one had to pass Henry Moore's reclining figure (1951) to reach the Laurent Perrier stand.

This was the first time I had worked for this company in France. Zut alors! They looked after us like no other client has got near to. There's a serious point here. Many Continental Europeans have a very healthy attitude (along with a lot of Americans) towards photography, and by association, photographers. If we went even half way towards where these others are, our profession would be a far jollier place to work in.

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