Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Paris in the Spring. Mark 2.

Should you photograph a garden from a ladder? I'm not convinced. By doing so, you present a view that mere mortals would never see.

What if it looks better from a ladder? A garden is designed for people to work rest and play in. There's little to say that gardens are best enjoyed from the top of a ladder. There's even less evidence to show that garden owners are forever popping to the top of their ladders to enjoy their gardens.

Everything in photography is 'manipulated' to some extent, from what the photographer includes/crops out, to the light (often artificial), to the choice of lens and so on. But let's get some semblance of honesty here. Why not shoot the garden as a person (or child) would see it; from ground level? At least that would reduce the "it doesn't look like that in the brochure" comments. Some idiot once said that the photograph never lies. Just for the record, here's a shot of me, on a ladder, photographing a garden.
It's a self portrait, honest!

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