Thursday, 23 April 2009

Chelsea Flower Show.

That time of year again, hip hip hooray. Chelsea Flower Show is looming. It's part of The Season in Britain, a great many people visit the show to look at show gardens and things for gardens like parasols, chairs and tables, summer houses, even plants. Huge numbers of people visit the show to look at people visiting the show (The Queen visits too), and there is always a sprinkling of the great good and famous, though only a few are all three.
It's a fine place to spot hats and outfits too, and you may even trip over some of the hundreds of photographers photographing everything that moves and everything that just sways in the breeze. A familiar sight is the beret of garden photographer Andrew Lawson, and you may even glimpse the sunglasses of Paula Deitz. Mind you don't trip over any of the tripods or ladders that the photographers use.
Look carefully too, for there are some very real and wonderful gardeners lurking amongst the crowds. A glass of champagne to whoever can reveal the identity of the owner of the right hand below. Clue: she's a Real Gardener.

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