Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Dear William,

Good to see you and D the other night, though isn’t that place noisy? Poor acoustics plague modern restaurants these days where you have to shout to be heard above the next door table who are shouting too, and so on.

Terrific news about the silver medal you won. Shame they don’t get Brenda to present the awards. Still, quite an achievement, and I’d love to pop a copy of it up on the blog for all to marvel at. Isn’t photography supreme when it hits the spot?

Last night the AoP awards took place, apparently a very prestigious event in their calendar. Are you a member? Or do you see these things as GM did and refuse to join any place that would have you as a member anyway? I can’t help thinking that I’m not really a club person either. When Jerry's in Blacks he tells me he keep thinking what a lovely place it could be if half the membership were given the old heave ho. Still, it's marginally better than a lot of places I suppose.

Spent a fruitless day yesterday trying to get the desired results on JB’s printer with a couple of fancy art papers.  Wasn’t it so much more straightforward with film and all that stuff? Still,without digital there would be no blog would there?

Off to shoot a city type today in the unattractive Bishopsgate complex. What an awful looking jumble of buildings that is. Still, I love the challenge of making a suit look interesting, and I’ll be using film, always a pleasure these days.TP XX



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