Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Polaroid film, Elephants & Zimbabwe

Gosh, all the 665 film has gone, and to a great home too. It's going to be used to photograph elephants, though not as Avedon did.
More about the photographer and this project later.
I once photographed elephant in the Lake Kariba are in Zimbabwe, on a 5x4 plate camera, using type 55 film. Not the easiest task, and given that I only had a standard lens not ideally equipped either. In fact the results were rather poor, one disadvantage of nearly always working with a standard lens. Also, elephants aren't always in a cosy frame of mind, and photographing them is not straight forward, especially when on foot. Don't try this at home. I had more joy with landscapes and some are shown below. 
During the search for the 665 poly, I came across 4 boxes of Type 55, dated from November 2008, so relatively new.
Get in touch if you are interested, my e mail is over on the right side of the page. What better medium could you ask for to shoot your own landscapes?

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