Thursday, 29 October 2009


It's all gone. Thanks for the enquiries.

Gathering Pace, the genesis.



In July 2005 two of us set off for a gentle walk across the South Downs in Sussex England, carrying an old NPC and a couple of packs of film. It was the first time I had combined walking and photography, where each activity had equal purpose and importance.


A year later in 2006, I attempted the same combination, walking in Madeira, photographing both the landscape and flora.

In 2008 I walked around the Applecross peninsula and then on to Knoydart in Scotland. This is fabulous walking country, where, unlike the Lake District, you very rarely see other people. 
During a four hour walk on the Scottish Island of Eigg I looked south and photographed the sea and land.

Photography and walking may appear to compliment each other, and in some ways they do. But, both vie for attention. Stopping to photograph interrupts the rhythm of walking, and since I can't photograph on the move, I have to stop to shoot. It is totally different from photography for work where the sole purpose is to make images, and everything else is secondary. Both disciplines demand equal attention.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Polaroid. Yikes, there's some left!

Just decided to sell my last stock.
There are 4 boxes of Type 55, and seven of 665.