Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Richard Whitehead

Thanks again for a brief, to shoot on film, from Nick Dixon.
So what's the big deal about film? Maybe photographers shouldn't try to write about how photographing someone 'feels', but using film is a different experience from digital, not least because it makes one stop, and slow down. Using large format does this even more, with a pause between each frame. This isn't always a 'good thing' but I benefit from it, and I like the results.

All Stop all Go

I like the way tastes change from year to year. Flower shows are not immune, as Chelsea Flower Show demonstrates yearly.
More and more though, I find myself heading not towards but away from the show gardens;

despite their ability to inspire beautiful garden photography. So thanks in part to Andy Sturgeon for his show stopping garden , but also thanks to Medwyn Williams for drawing me into the tent yet again to marvel at his vegetables.

And thanks too for those who don't take the whole thing too ludicrously seriously.

This is a photo of a photographer wearing a vest. They must be worn for health and safety reasons, as in "Heavy Plant Crossing" I suppose, and cost the photographer a tenner for the pleasure.

And just in case you thought you were looking at real gardens, don't forget that nothing is real at these affairs.